Staggering Crank Bros Candy 11 Pedal Test Review

Crank Bros Candy 11 Pedals

Crank Brothers pedals have got a loyal following, but there have always been naysayers. But the Crank Brothers cranked it up by including bearings as against the bushing in the earlier version. Bearings allow the free movement of the pedal and remove the hassle of rebuilding the pedal twice a season. The other feature that makes the Crank Bros Candy 11 Pedals stand out is the resin body. It would get beat to pieces and know the wear and tear would never affect the performance, but they also look good after a rough season.



crank Bros Candy 11 Pedal

The deeper insight!

The New candy has an all-aluminum body which is tougher and even lighter than the old plastic design. However, Crank Brothers have retained the four-sided retention mechanism as are the asymmetrical brass cleats which were a hit with the riders. You can safely hear them snap on and off. These are asymmetrical allowing the rider to set a convenient release angle. You can choose a higher angle to avoid slipping off the bike on a rough trail or while jumping. But if you are more comfortable with less heal twisty release; it would be a matter of swapping the cleats from one foot to the other. The Crank Brothers Candy 11 pedals use a machine to alloy body which is very light, but which gives you a minimal platform which provides some stability. Also with this, you are less likely to slip a pedal when clipping in a hurry. It also uses forged steel wings and forges cromoly steel spindle along with a stainless steel spring, so this all makes for a very robust pedal with a minimal weight gain. It offers 6 degrees of float. The release angle can be set from 15 to 20 degrees that’s just based on the way the pedals are placed on the shoes. It uses cartridge bearings inboard and outboard. Needle bearing inboard and a conventional round bearing on the outboard. It is completely rebuild-able, which is a great feature very simple to do; you can get a rebuild kit from crank brothers. It uses an alloy end cap and it weighs around 304 grams.

What more does it have to offer?

One of the other features of the Crank Bros Candy 11 Pedals is that it clears mud easily since there is a lot of spacing in between which allows the mud to fall off right away when stamped and give you a nice clean engagement. With a needle and cartridge bearing supporting the metal body on the candy 11s the Crank Bros Candy 11 Pedals now have everything that is expected and loved about them and none of the rough design details like the plastic body, which was a let-down in the old pedal have carried forward. If you are in the market for a new set of pedals, choose Crank Bros Candy 11 Pedals if you want lighter, smoother and a durable run. These give you great performance, a long service life without headaches, squeaks or rattles. If you are looking for a great deal on the Crank Bros Candy 11 Pedal check out what’s on offer at our affiliates Competitive Cyclist:

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