Enve Twenty9 XC Carbon Wheelset Tested

Enve Twenty9 XC Carbon Wheelset

Enve Composites is a reliable name in the field of bikes. The company is located in Ogden, Utah. All of their rims are completely manufactured in house from start to finish as well as assembled. Enve is now back with Enve Twenty9 XC Carbon Wheel Set. What all it has and what the company claims, let’s have a detailed insight on that!


What’s there?
The wheels are tubeless compatible. Rim strips are provided along with valve stems necessary to make the conversion. The fact that it is carbon fiber as against an alloy makes it durable and gives an added stiffness. This means it gives the biker a better and a smoother ride. The wheels come in 26” and 29”.

There is another wheel which is new and very specifically designed; this is the downhill carbon wheel. This wheel has been three years in the making. It is a well-known fact that Enve sponsors the sanitary syndicate. This wheel uses a proprietary resent a system that is a toughened resent system which means that it is extremely durable when it comes to impact resistance. It weighs a 475 grams a rim. This makes it about 100 grams lighter than the leading aluminum alloy rims and also makes it stiffer and durable for impact.

The wheel was launched to the public in 2012. Enve offers a 5-year warranty as well as a lifetime crash replacement guarantee. The beauty of the rim, its unique selling proposition is the durability and added riding quality. These wheels have been tested by the syndicate and manufactured as per quality standards.

What separates it from the rest?

Enve Twenty9 XC Carbon Wheelset

What makes Enve Wheelset different from the other rims is the process used to manufacture the rims. The added feature of all the Enve Wheelset is that the spoke holes in the rim are molded into the rim which is a patented and proprietary process that has been developed by Enve. The fact that it is manufactured in Ogden, Enve is able to tightly control the processes they use for manufacturing and also allows Enve to rapidly prototype if need be which in turn allows Enve to offer a superior product in terms of test runs and manufacturing time span.

Enve also features a removable bladder system. Having a removable bladder means that the rim is lighter because there is no excess material left inside the rim. This also results in a stronger wheel build. The inside of the rim is just as smooth as the outside. Hence, the wheel built ends up being much stronger and durable following the mold in spoke holes and the clean internals of the rim.

All the testing of the wheel set is done in-house at Enve. Enve has a variety of tests performed before the product is rolled out. These tests include the drop test, the lateral string test, and the fatigue test. Since all the testing is done in-house, Enve is able to make the required changes as and when they see fit. And are able to keep up with the benchmarks that have been set for each of their products in order to surpass the industry standard to roll out the best wheel set!


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