Fizik Antares 00 Carbon Braided Saddle

When biking, you don’t want something that is cushiony and heavy; you need something light and stiff to hold you up but also that allows you to touch down while seated. The Fizik Antares 00 Carbon Braided Saddle is stiff and light and does just that.

Fizik Antares 00 Saddle with 7x9 Braided Rails

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Fizik Antares 00 Carbon Braided Saddle falls in the ultra-light weight category. Weighs in at a stunning 135 grams, it includes carbon rails and carbon frame with a foam core. The top is made of black microtex. This also comes in white. The Fizik Antares 00 Carbon Braided Saddle has a wing flex technology that allows the saddle to flex a little. In spite of being lightweight, the saddle is very pliable.

The Microtex makes the saddles durable and the wide flat design makes it comfortable. The Fizik Antares 00 Carbon Braided Saddle has a relief channel that runs the entire length of the saddle that relieves pressure while riding. Antares also features wing flex technology, which flexes when the inner thigh comes in contact with the saddle avoiding riding bruises. The entire saddle shell is actually made of a nylon carbon composite which adds extra stiffness. Antares uses a kium rail, which is Fizik’s version of the titanium rail, which is lighter and stronger than a pure titanium rail saddle.

Fizik Antares 00 Saddle with Braided Rails


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The Antares weighs light so it makes it perfect for the road, mountain and cycle cross. The saddle comes with glossed edges which are solidly made. This helps the rider get a better grip and position on the saddle without being hurt. The underneath of the saddle is also quite classy with a braided carbon fiber finish. The wing flex technology allows the edges to move while the middle stays in place. This saves your inners from getting bruised and chaffed.

The additional 10 mm cushioning as against the 3 mm one in earlier versions is a relief, especially for hardcore jumpers and rough trail riders. The fact that the saddle is made from two layers of carbon with foam inner makes it durable and light and at the same time does not compromise on comfort. The width of the saddle is an impressive 45 mm which gives it the comfort without taking away the expertise of the rider.

Why Fizik?

Fizik Antares 00 Saddle


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Peter Sagan and other reputed mountain bikers have been using Fizik for years now and they swear by it. The oval shape of the saddle makes the saddle a perfect fit for racing. The saddle is super light with carbon bonds and foam core. It features wing flex technology and is ICS compatible. All this makes for a super competitive saddle for race riders as well as trailers and mountain bikers.


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