We Tested the FOX 34 Float 140 CTD Fork

Fox has just released the brand spanking Fox 34 Fork. This edition of Fox 34 Fork is significantly lighter than the previous which is 1760 grams. The chassis is a 34 mil stanction for added stiffness. The main area where this Fork stands out is the air spring. The FOX 34 Float 140 CTD Fork is specifically designed for dirt jumping and sloping.

Fox has come out with a new series of equipment in their CTD department. CTD essentially stands for Climb, Trail, Descend. This system is integrated into the seat post, fork and shock. There is a three position switch on the fork that allows the rider to adjust according to climb, trail or descend. The CTD system is designed for riders to maximize their potential on the trail.

FOX 34 Float 140 CTD Fork

The CTD launching of the fork makes the fork useful in extreme applications. The climb mode works best on a pump track. The trail mode would be perfect for local jump park and dirt jumps. If you are going full suspension and slopestyle, you can ride it in descending mode. This makes the bike very sensitive and smooth over hits and bumps.

What the specs have to say?

The FOX 34 Float 140 CTD Fork is Fox’s first air sprung enduro downhill fork. So it is equipped with air spring with a tie negative spring. This fork also comes with a compression adjuster which allows the rider to move the piston up and down to regulate the character of the air spring. The air spring in the 140 runs in an air chamber in the upper tube and then a negative spring made of titanium. It also has a compression system that is adjustable so you can regulate the character of the air spring. If you lower the piston, it shrinks the air chamber, making it more progressive. When raised, it makes it less progressive. The 140 runs on RC 2 tamper that has adjustable high and low-speed compression on the top and adjustable rebound at the bottom. It’s a sealed cartridge unit that provides consistent tamping on rough courses.

The FOX 34 Float 140 CTD Fork is equipped with a completely new chassis, the crowns have been redesigned with weight reduction pretty much in every component to optimize the strength to weight ratio keeping basically the same strength as the previous model. A lot of weight has been taken out from the lower assembly to the crowns. The body of FOX 34 Float 140 CTD Fork is Kashima coated aluminum upper tubes that add to the weight loss from the previous version of FOX forks.

Final Verdict:

All in all, the Fox 34 Float 140 mm fork with CTD launching is lighter, steadier and has more spring shock resistance than its earlier counterparts, while the strength quality still remains the same which makes it a better model than the previous versions. Get an amazing deal on a Fox 34 Float at Competitive Cyclist today!

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