We test the Fox 36 Float 160 FIT RC2

With tough competition in the Enduro suspension fork MTB market, it isn’t just any kind of product that will suffice. Every single part of the product has to be the best and to answer all such demands Fox 36 launched the Fox 36 Float 160 FIT RC2. Ever since its launch, Fox 36 Float 160 FIT RC2 has become the foremost choice of free-riders, enduro & MTB’ers. It is made for use on the mountains, trails, free ride, etc. with many commendable features that make it the perfect companion.

The Top Notch Features

  • 36mm Kashima coated stanchions
  • new air spring system,
  • tuneable springs via volume spacers
  • RC2 damper with sealed cartridge
  • External adjustments: Rebound (19-clicks), Low-speed compression (22-clicks)
  • High-speed compression (26-clicks) and Air spring
  • Stock travel options ranging from 150m to 180mm
  • adjustable travel in 10mm increments
  • different sizes available
  • 180mm post mount disc brake tabs
  • Weights ranging from 1.9 to 1.95kg

fox 36 fork


What Sets The Fox36 Apart?

Amongst the many features of the FOX36, is the one made to reduce its weight, bringing it in line with the other competitors in the market and making it the best choice for interested consumers. According to FOX, they have been able to bring this change without any compromise in terms of its strength or stiffness.

Amongst the many features that make it the best, an improved Kashima coat to reduce friction on the upper tubes is remarkable. This has helped in reducing friction up to 15% as the coating strikes a balance between smoothness and greasiness. It also has an updated seal head design that helps in lowering the breakaway force.

Another remarkable feature is the new air spring design which no longer depends upon a coil negative spring and simply uses an air bypass to adjust automatically during inflation to the positive and negative air chambers. This has helped in reducing the weight of the trail pedal and also has made certain that it is adjustable to the weight of every possible rider. It also further ensures axle-to-crown length regardless of rider weight, which is quite an advanced development.

The RC2 has also proven to be an excellent choice as the FOX 36 requires very little pressure on the bars compared to the other trail forks and the difference is quite apparent due to the smooth, friction-free movement of the pedals. It has also helped in solving the notch feeling during compressions on low speed. In respect of small bumps, the ride almost makes them feel like a flat trail and there is an up gradation in the front wheel track around the off camber corners.

fox36-2 In nutshell…

Your experience of the FOX 36 FLOAT RC2 will be nothing less than perfect. To test its off-road ability to the limit, a ride up a notoriously rough trail should suffice to convince you of why this is the best choice for you in every terrain-rough or smooth It’s the best available option as it is compatible with any bike or wheel with all the required features, qualities and most of all it is available at a very reasonable price. It will help create a memorable ride by altogether transforming your ride expectations.

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