Light 29er Wheelsets

NoTubes Race gold

Combining low weight with high affordability, the ZTR Race Gold 29-inch wheels weigh 1,345g a pair and the 26-inch equivalent is 1,245g. Both feature excellent tubeless compatibility and a broad 21mm internal width to enhance tyre stability. While the $1,199 selling price hardly rates as ‘cheap’ it’s a lot less than its carbon rimmed competitors in the same weight category. NoTubes suggests a 77kg rider weight limit with these wheels.

Easton EC90 XC

Ever tried to convert your wheels to tubeless? Hard and very messy at times. Easton’s EC90 wheels feature full UST tubeless compatibility with no spoke holes in the inner rim wall, so no tape is required. The 29er wheelset is a little over 1,400g and they are tough enough for everyday use. Easton claims 1,285g for the 26-inch version.!sEHmLjdTU5qzeUBZsbVahg!/Easton-EC90-XC-UST-26-Wheels-2013

American Classic Tubeless

It’s hard to remove weight from a wheelset without costing a lot of dosh. American Classic does a good job with their $750 Tubeless wheelset. They feature 21mm wide rims (26mm external) and weigh in at 1,546g or 1,600g (26 vs. 29 inches). Also available in white but they cost $100 more.

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