Rockshox Reverb Dropper Post Tested

RockShox Reverb Droppers are game-changing seat posts with a unique hydraulic remote lever. With a touch of a button, these seat posts go up and down, giving riders great comfort while riding through any kind of terrain.

Cable routing is good

Rockshox post

Reverb Dropper

Though height adjustable posts have been in the market for a long time, it is the unique features of Reverb Dropper posts that have made them a standard equipment. These seat posts are from the well-known makers of bicycle suspension forks, RockShox who are premiering in the world of the bicycle suspension industry. It is now working under the guidance of SRAM and with their innovative and reliable products, the brand has reached high levels of growth and popularity in recent years.

 RockShox Reverb Seatpost

The tech specs

Rock Shox Reverb dropper comes in two models (100 mm and 125 mm drop). The specifications are as follows:

  • Zero offset
  • Available in Travel: 125 mm and 100mm, diameters: 30.9 mm, 31.6 mm, 34.9 mm
Metric Value
Weight 100mm 520 gm
Weight 125 mm 535 gm
Length: 100 mm 355 mm, 380 mm
Length: 125 mm 380 mm, 420 mm
Colors: Black, Silver
Material – Shaft: 3D forged 7050 Alloy
Material – Head: 7050 Forged Alloy

Specifications of RockShox Reverb dropper post sizes.


What Sets The RockShox Reverb Dropper Apart?

A complete set of necessities are included in the box including a Special Reverb oil, bleed syringes, cable ties, manuals, a hose guide, a Rock Shox sticker, an Enduro collar, hex tool ( used for removing bleed nipples ) and things that you will need for dealing with the hose, cable, and clamps.

The post does not have an offset and the clamp is sturdy with two bolts securing it at both the front and the rear. The Reverb button provides a solid and responsive feel and a little press on the button helps you control the saddle position. A silver dial controls the speed at which your Reverb returns. The post also has an air spring that must be at 250 psi at all times to work. Hence it requires regular checking of air pressure, which could be a confusing task as the hose comes directly from the bottom. The post-oil, air springs and the 2.5 wt hydraulic oil are all kept separate.

The installation process is quite easy when you follow the instructions given. The remote can be installed either in the right or left and can be installed independently or along with the brake lever via MatchMaker X mount.

Reverb Dropper posts are the best hydraulic post available on the market today. They are very well against the competitors in terms of reliability and comfort. They go up and down smoothly and freely when they are in a good condition and the wiggle is very low even after long use. Pushing the remote button with your thumb and weighing down will lower the post to the desired height and letting go of the button will stop your saddle from moving. It allows you to choose the exact saddle you want. As the post uses hydraulic action, you are relieved from the problems created from the use of rusting cables and lever pressure problems. The performance of a reverb post is consistent with all weather conditions
unlike posts that use steel cables.


Some disadvantages as noted by many users seem to be the fragility of the remote button and the cost. The button is mounted on the bars and hence is easily damaged in case of a heavy impact. The post is priced in the range of $350 to $450 making too expensive for repairs. When it works, it works awesome but when it does not, it is a little expensive to make the repairs. But overall the posts are a must try and worth the price!

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