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Thompson Elite Dropper Post Review

Thomson Elite Dropper Seat Post

Thomson produces some of the most well delivered components in the field of mountain bikes out there, initially making a name for themselves in seat posts. It is fair to say, that this hasn’t changed. But what has, and in a dramatic fashion is the seat post market itself. The arrival of reliable and now affordable, the dropper post has changed the way the mountain bikes not only look, but the way the mountain bikers ride them. 

The company, Thompson elite insists on reliability. The dropper post has been made and tested to make it reliable. They give an absolute promise that the elite Dropper post will last for a minimum of two years.

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The Kind Shock (KS) LEV Review

Kind Shock (KS) LEV

The Kind shock LEV is a height adjustable seat post from the engineers at KS Suspension. It has proved to be one of the most visually striking with its features and attracts more and more fans every day. KS LEV’s predecessor  was often reported with some problems regarding weather reliability, but the new Kind shock LEV has solved that. Apart from the weather durability, this LEV has some awesome and very creative features. Let’s check out what is in the bag for you!

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