Thompson Elite Dropper Post Review

Thomson produces some of the most well delivered components in the field of mountain bikes out there, initially making a name for themselves in seat posts. It is fair to say, that this hasn’t changed. But what has, and in a dramatic fashion is the seat post market itself. The arrival of reliable and now affordable, the dropper post has changed the way the mountain bikes not only look, but the way the mountain bikers ride them. 

The company, Thompson elite insists on reliability. The dropper post has been made and tested to make it reliable. They give an absolute promise that the elite Dropper post will last for a minimum of two years.


Thomson has spent considerable time in testing and refining the dropper post. Visually dropper post is every bit a Thomson product that riders have come to know and like. Classic laser action on the design!

The Dropper posts boast the Thomson clamps, which have been a part of the Thomson Elite standards for at least fifteen years. Thomson Elite seat posts have been trusted by riders, and they have maintained this quality in the Elite dropper posts as well.

What separates Thomson Dropper Posts from the rest?

Thomson Elite Dropper Seat Post

The remote lever on the Thomson Elite dropper post is small and can be customized. The rider can mount the lever anywhere as per his convenience – middle of the bars or on controls. This lever is located below the riding bars. This eases the changing task. It is light weight and passes the dim quest testing standards.

The Thomson Elite Dropper posts are available in 30.9 and 31.6 diameters with the external cable passing through a loop behind the seat post. The dropper is powered by Nitrogen as against the general oil use. By increasing the nitrogen pressure, the rider can increase the thrust of the dropper post. The droppers are variable speed because the actuators are clammed. So you can control the speed of the dropper moving up and down by managing the pull on the lever. This is a good feature as it would save the rider from being hit while changing the dropper position.

Most dropper posts suffer from play. Play is where the head of the dropper seat post moves right and left. The Thomson Elite dropper seat post comes with a full length bronze bearing bushing at the bottom of the dropper seat post that is shaped like a socket wrench. This increases the wear of the dropper post giving it longevity without the left or right play, which a lot of bikers complain about after installing a dropper post.

The internal cartridge is bulky making it durable. It has high oil volume, larger valves which make it less prone to cracking. It weighs about 450 grams.

What makes Thomson so special is its custom made cartridges, bearings, nitrogen charged and not to mention a two year guarantee.

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